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On Monday, October 24, 2022,
ELECT Paul Fromm
as your new Mayor

HAMILTON, August 15, 2022. Paul Fromm, a former educator and Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression declared his candidacy for Mayor of Hamilton in the upcoming October 24 municipal election. His nomination papers were filed with the City Clerk, August 11.

        “I am running for Mayor for several reasons. Hamilton City Council has become arrogant, secretive and out-of-touch. It insolently, at times, refuses to hear citizen input during the section of meetings set aside for delegations. A representative — councillor or Mayor — should LISTEN to concerned citizens. As Mayor, I will hold regular town halls to get taxpayers’ opinion,” Mr. Fromm promises.

          “I am the FREEDOM CANDIDATE and the MOTORIST’s FRIEND,” he declares.

           During COVID, Canadians’ rights were trampled in the worst way since World War II. “To begin with, to help repair some of the harm done during COVID, I insist that the City of Hamilton compensate all the workers put on unpaid leave for the months of lost wages,” he insists.

          Further, Mr. Fromm declares, “as the MOTORIST’S FRIEND, I want the City of Hamilton to pursue a policy of moving traffic as quickly as possible. Fix the potholes that make some of our roads a menace. Do repairs in an expeditious manner.

          Traffic gridlock is a costly as well as nerve wracking problem for the entire GTA. The causes are twofold: mass immigration over the past 40 years which has more than doubled the population of the GTA and politicians, at all levels, who have failed to build the infrastructure — roads, expressways, hospitals, and housing — to accommodate the influx. “The City of Hamilton must speak truth to power,” he adds, “and insist that immigration be tied to massive expenditures to accommodate the newcomers.”

          ” Individual freedom, for me, is a lifelong commitment. Since April of 2020, I have attended End the Lockdowns and End the Mandates freedom rallies, often many times in the same city, in 15 cities in Ontario and British Columbia,” he adds. “I was a proud supporter of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy and, on a frigid Thursday, January 29, joined thousands of other Hamiltonians, to cheer the convoy on its way to Ottawa.”

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