A Strange Sort of “All Candidates” Debate at McM

A Strange Sort of “All Candidates” Debate at McMaster

McMaster is one of Canada’s leading universities. On Monday, October 17, the McMaster Students’ Union hosted   sparsely attended mayoralty debate. The leaders in the race, at least as decided by the Fake News CBC, Andrea Horwath and Bob Bratina did not show up. CBC (October 18, 2022) reported: “Monday’s mayoral debate, which saw candidates Michael Pattison, Ejaz Butt, Keanin Loomis and Solomon Ikhuiwu attend, was part of the push by groups like the McMaster Student Union (MSU) to get out the vote, during the final week of the campaign.” For some unknown reason, I did not receive an invitation. This would seem to be part of a widespread campaign by Hamilton’s leftist elite and media — I was warned about this, by a man who has worked closely with the People’s Party of Canada and seen the same tactics at play — to isolate me and deny me as much exposure as possible. It’s sad that a university, which should be a forum for lively debate and clash of ideas should be so restrictive and that was the doing of the students union not the administration!

Apparently the MSU organizer of this all candidates’ meeting is Vice President Elizabeth Wong, who has ignored repeated phone calls.

Paul Fromm

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