Are the smears beginning?

I received this e-mail from Hamilton CBC reporter Saira

“I have another question for you: Given your advocacy for anti-LGBTQ and Holocaust denial websites, there have been concerns raised to us about you getting access to voter names and addresses. How do you respond?


Saira Peesker

I replied:

Dear Saira:

Who raises such concerns?

The implications are both scaremongering and defamatory. I have run in elections, municipal, federal and provincial, in both Ontario and Alberta (once), and have had access to voters lists. I have never used them other than for legitimate election purposes.

I am not aware of the websites to which you refer.

I hope this election will be about freedom and the way many politicians have abused and restricted ours during COVID. — Paul

Whining that freedom candidates might use voters’ lists to out some people is an obsession of longtime anti-free speech operative, former CEO of the old Canadian Jewish Congress and now CEO of the Canadian Anti-Hate (actually, anti-Free Speech) Network.

I’ll be curious to see her response.

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