Cancel Culture & Insincere Invitations in Havana North (Hamilton)

Cancel Culture & Insincere Invitations in Havana North (Hamilton)

On August 13, just two days after I filed my nomination paper to run for Mayor of Hamilton, I received the invitation below from Shalicia Harris, Chair[man] 2022 of something called Buzz Worthy Podcast.It seemed to be sponsored by Hamilton HIVE . The invitation was slugged

It bills itself on its website thus: ” Hamilton Hive community will allow you to build relationships with the Young Professionals of Hamilton. Our goal is to make sure we are providing opportunities to work, learn and grow within our city!

I entered into correspondence with Shalicia Harris. It was always cordial. That very day, I confirmed my attendance and re-confirmed it on August 28. In total I received five e-mails from Shalicia Harris, including an urgent one the very day of the podcast panel.
So, Friday, September 30 I headed down to the Hamilton Central Library. I entered the large auditorium where the podcast was to be recorded. It was shortly after 7:00 p.m., The event was behind  time. There were perhaps 30 people there in a room that could have held 200.

As I looked around, I was immediately accosted by a stocky man in a suit jacket. He was shouting: “:Paul Fromm, I know who you are. You are a White Supremacist and holocaust denier. I have seen your videos, You are not welcome.” I was taken aback by his self-righteous hostility. I asked him just who he was. He identified himself as Joey Coleman. He never did say what his role in the event was. I have learned that he is the editor of an online publication called The Public Record: In Service of Democracy.

Joey Coleman “uninvited” me

Well, said I, “I have an invitation,” I showed him Shalicia Harris’s e-mail. He said he was ex-military and believed in democracy. I wondered what military that might have been? North Korea’s, perhaps?] I had the right to run [that was big of him] but not to attend the meeting, despite the invitation. “You are uninvited,” he snapped.

I asked him to put it in writing. He actually scrawled “You are uninvited,” on the print out of the invitation and signed it.
As I left, the girl on the registration desk, who looked most uncomfortable at the nastiness, whispered: “I’m sorry. There must have been some mistake.”
Yes, indeed, in cancel culture quarters, “all candidates” doesn’t actually mean ALL CANDIDATES!

Hello Mayor Candidates!

We are inviting you as a panelist during our Reconnect Hamilton Event Friday September 30th, 7pm -10pm. This live panel discussion will kick off at 7:15pm – 8pm. The conversation will be record and added as a special on our Buzz Worth Podcast

This discussion will focus on topics concerning youth, young professionals, and entrepreneurs in the city. Questions for panelist will come from the public along with curated questions gathered from our own research. Attendees at the event will also be given an opportunity to ask questions if time permits.

Please confirm your participation on our panel by Friday August 26th 12pm. We look forward to having each of you participating in this important panel! 

If you have any question or concerns, please reach out!

Kind Regards,

Shalicia Harris

Vice Chair 2021 | Chair 2022 | Buzz Worthy Podcast HostLinkedIn | Website | 905-379-1546

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