Homeless Squatters — Hamilton Cops & City Hall Do Nothing

A concerned voter contacted me with this information. “

Woodlands Park Sanford Ave, .N Hamilton On. 

This is the guy who came 8 WEEKS ago, will be 9 weeks on Monday with a backpack and a dog, who is living under the picnic table. He has collected so much stuff he no longer sleeps under the table. Because he has never been moved out. There now are 2 more people along the side of him. Picnic tables were put there for people to enjoy a coffee? a meal? relax. Not live under them. I did get a hold of Dave Wright who is our community officer. No luck there either.” She wants City Hall relocate him and the others. and clean the garbage. “

She’s right. Homelessness and squatting are a blight.

She adds: “I’ve lived live on Sanford ave.n , since 1995. We bought the house because of the park!!

We were  told that homeless persons would be removed from spots after 3 days. However I have complained, my neighbours have complained. This gentleman and dog, have lived under the picnic table for 8 WEEKS . He has accumulated quite a collection of???

Because he hasn’t been removed it now has created an invitation for more people. It is a terrible eyesight, between the garbage and interesting characters that visit. Hookers, drug addicts. Methheads.

I went to the Mayors office on Monday September 12th. Obviously fell on deaf ears. I have complained to N.Nann her excuse is …they have health issues. I have complained to askcity@hamilton, dwright@hamiltonpolice.ca . I don’t know what more we can do.

As a senior having someone watch me come and go, turn lights on off, know when the ambulance comes(my husband has bladder cancer). Because it is creepy having someone watching every move we do, I started having my family and friends enter my house through the back gate.

Is there anything you can do? Or suggest what I can do?

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