Paul Fromm Campaign (Mayor of Hamilton),

187 Appleford Court,

Hamilton, ON.,

L9C 5Y4

PH: 416-428-5308
Dear Supporter:
My campaign for Mayor of Hamilton is going very well. I have great lawn signs and am finding a very favourable reception to my attack on traffic gridlock and the crumbling state of our roads.
. As I’d been warned, Hamilton is run by a very leftist closed minded elite. And I’m an unwelcome outsider! I was excluded from the Cable 14 “all candidates” debate. Hamilton’s media likes to make the news or shape the news, rather than report it. So, of nine mayoral candidates, they invited three for the “all candidates” debate. One came down withCOVID and then there were two! I have also not been invited to several other “all candidates” events and then furiously uninvited to a webinar to which I’d received five e-mail invitations.
The poisonous CBC has put out the word that I’m a White supremacist.Needless to say, these faux journalists never interviewed me before pumping out their lies and smears That seems to drive 60ish, overweight leftist Hamilton women in short grey hair crazy. One, who is the head of the local CUPE, ordered me out of an “all candidates” barbecue last Thursday. She said, didn’t ask, “You’re a White supremacist!” [She’s White. These leftists really hate themselves.] I tried to explain. She wouldn’t listen.I pointed out the event had been advertised as an “all candidates” event and I’m a candidate! “The optics wouldn’t look good,” she said and ordered me off union property.

So, in some ways, it’s  guerrilla warfare. The False News media lies about me or ignores me. So, I must  go out and meet as many people as possible. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Every day, I hit supermarkets, liquor stores and fast food outlets. I meet people in person, introduce the traffic gridlock issue and hand them my election postcard. With few exceptions, the response is friendly and positive. Oh, yes, once in a while a hefty, sour faced feminist will shriek: “Don’t vote for him. He’s a White Supremacist.”

Many Hamiltonians oppose the proposed LRT, which will all but bloc traffic on King Street, one of the major roads in the city. It will cost a fortune. Its route is illogical. It will ruIn many small businesses along its proposed route — no more  parking! I am getting a lot of support from small business owners along the proposed route of this vanity project of the downtown elite. Supporters and I have gone out with our ‘Stop the LRT” banner, gaining attention from passing motorists and handing out my election postcards.
As the False News media won’t report my statements, last weekend, some young supporters took up positions at key intersections and displayed banners promoting my candidacy and issues.
With 12 days left,I’m running all out. However,I need more election postcards, signs and banners.

You can help
1. Please send a special donation to my campaign. Please make it payable to Paul Fromm Campaign, Mayor of Hamilton [this is very important]. You can also send me a donation by credit card (name, number, expiry date) or e-transfer.

2. If you live in Hamilton, you can take a lawn sign for your house. Call me — 416-248-5308 — and I’ll deliver it.

My sincerest thanks for your confidence and help.
Paul Fromm

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