Tempest in a Toilet Bowl

Most of the Fake News media slavers at the opportunity to blow the slightest sign of European Pride into a hysterical denunciation of “hate” with implicit calls for more action and repression. During the recent election campaign in Hamilton, someone stuck (it was easily removed) a sticker reading: “White Lives Matter, Time to Take a Stand: White People First” on a large poster on a bus shelter of Kojo Demptey a Ghanian running or Council in Ward 14.[He lost.] [We have previously exposed the anti-free speech views of Demptey who headed up the taxpayer-funded Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion — all of whose employees are non-White] Both the CBC and the poisonous Hamilton Spectator (October 11, 2022) went crazy. One sticker generated several days of long hysterical articles. “A white nationalist network that operates under the name White Lives Matters (WLM) claimed responsibility for the [sticker] — which saw similar stickers placed on lamp posts and electrical boxes in Hamilton —  on the social media platform Telegram. Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre executive director Lyndon George said the use of racist and xenophobic content in local municipal campaigns has “been ramping up,” pointing to ‘anti-woke’ messaging in some school board races as an example.”

I even got a defamatory mention: “These are not just fringe individuals on the sidelines who perpetrate hate in the community. We have a candidate who is a known White Supremacist running for mayor,” referring to Paul Fromm, who was affiliated with the neo-Nazi organization Stormfront.” Stormfront is NOT neo-Nazi; I have repeatedly told The Spectator that I am a White nationalist, not a supremacist.

Anyway, the Hamilton police were investigating the sticker as a possible “hate crime.” CAFE asks: What’s the crime? Where’s the hate? The sticker expresses love for White people and all people tend to put themselves first, except for Europeans who are cajoled by the Globalists to put others first. It was a great publicity and a boo-hoo story for Demptey.

Next, in Ward 3 Walter Furlan, badly trailing the incumbent, was handed some free publicity by the hate-vigilant CBC (October 17): Hamilton police are investigating after a campaign sign of a Ward 3 council candidate was vandalized, marking the second hate-related incident that has involved police this election campaign. ‘We found a swastika on my forehead and a moustache to apparently make me look like Hitler,’ said Walter Furlan.” Furlan lost. Defacing a lawn sign, perhaps, but is it really “hate”!

Well, the publicity and victimhood were just too good to be true. Wouldn’t you know:  “Hamilton police are investigating another election-related incident, after a campaign sign of mayoral candidate Andrea Horwath was found vandalized with misogynistic slurs and imagery. Horwath’s team was notified Sunday of the defaced sign, which was displayed on a rural property north of Binbrook.

Horwath said Tuesday in a tweet that the vandalism included ‘misogynistic and violent imagery’ that was ‘so disturbing that I’m not able to share the images on social media.'” 

CBC Hamilton has viewed an image of the sign, but has decided not to publish it due to the graphic nature of the vandalism.” [How prissy and precious: Someone wrote some bad words but neither Horwath nor the taxpayer-funded CBC will tell us what they were so that we might form our own opinion. Horwath who led the Ontario NDP suffered severe losses in the June 2 Ontario Provincial election. She did better running for Mayor of Hamilton, squeaking by with a narrow victory.]

“The ‘mega sign,’ measuring 1.2 by 2.4 metres, was covered with hateful messages and illustrations using spray paint and pen, including multiple misogynistic slurs, swastikas and crude drawings.

Horwath’s slogan, “Vote Andrea Horwath, mayor for a thriving Hamilton,” was defaced with red spray paint to read, “F–k Andrea Horwarth, s–t for a thriving Ham.” (CBC, October 19, 2022)

tober 19, 2022)

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