Thank You Message to My Donors & Supporters in My Race for Mayor of Hamilton

Thank You Message to My Donors & Supporters

Paul Fromm Campaign (Mayor of Hamilton),             

187 Appleford Court,

Hamilton, ON.,

L9 5Y4

PH: 416-428-5308


January 14, 2023

I want to thank you for your support for free speech struggles in Canada and your encouragement of my election campaign for Mayor of Hamilton.

Your confidence and support are most appreciated.

I increased my vote by 27% over 2018.

I put in a great deal of effort meeting voters. Most people responded favourably to my message about traffic gridlock and support for freedom should we face another COVID-type emergency. However, there was a hostile undercurrent. From time to time, someone, usually a buzz-cutted, pudgy woman would snarl: “You’re a White supremacist” or “You’re a holocaust denier.” These people would never accept my flyer or discuss with me.

As a longtime political operative told me early in the campaign: “The leftist media elite here will smear you and freeze you out.” With only one exception, I was ignored by the CBC and Hamilton Spectator, except to write smears. I’ve already covered this in reports and e-mails.

So, my strategy was to work hard and meet as many voters as possible in person. Supporters, including some from as far away as Sarnia, came and held rotating rallies with banners for me. I deeply appreciated their youthful support and enthusiasm.

We did well, but not well enough. The leftists’ policy of smear and exclusion worked to a certain extent. We did well but not well enough.

I am not discouraged. Once again, a big thank you for your confidence and support.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm

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